Unable to send out emails from EverLogic while Duo is active

I’m a Duo Administrator for my company and I’m currently working with another company to get Duo set up for them. However, when Duo is active for M365, it prevents them from sending out emails from Everlogic, even though they’re using their own personal email addresses that have authenticated with Duo. I’ve contacted support about this but no dice, does anyone here have any solutions they know of? Any help is appreciated, thank you!

Hi Evan! Welcome to the Duo Community. I’m not familiar with EverLogic, and I don’t see any relevant internal support cases or documentation to help with this. Did you contact Duo Support or EverLogic? I’d recommend reaching out to our support team if you haven’t yet.

What might be happening is that the Everlogic mail user is now blocked from connecting to M265 because it’s blocked by interactive MFA requirement.

Please read this: Mail Clients and Azure AD Join.

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