Unable to locally mirror duo repos


I have some secured environments that are not able to reach out to the internet. I run internal mirrors of relevant repos locally so that the machines on the secured segments can install software and receive updates.

I am not able to mirror the Duo RPM or Deb repos, seemingly because Duo is making it difficult.

Couple of questions:

  1. Is this on purpose?

2a) If yes, can you stop?

2b) If no, can we make it easier, please?




Sorry to hear you’re having a bad time! I’ve not attempted to do this with our repos before. Can you elaborate on what it is that’s not working? What method are you using to create the mirror?


By using apt-mirror (https://apt-mirror.github.io/) and Aptly (https://github.com/aptly-dev/aptly)

These are failing, I believe, because directory indexing is turned off for the repo. I’m internally monitoring several other external repos with no issues, and all of them have directory indexes (+Indexes in apache or autoindex on; in nginx).

All of the recommendations for running apt repos specify enabling directory indexes, as well.


Okay excellent, thanks for the reply!
We’ll see if we can take a look at reproducing and then seeing if we can fix the issue that’s preventing you from indexing.


Was there a solution found for this? We are in the same situation and need to mirror the repos locally. We are planing on using rsync or wget to pull the files down. As suggested by standaloneSA, its probably an issue with indexes not being enabled at least for wget. Rsync would be the preferred method as that is what we use for other repos, not sure if you have this setup.