U2F option doesn't seem to be available


Following the guide for U2, I was trying to enable add a U2F token for a user.

In the self enrollment screen, unlike the screenshots in the guide, U2F option is not available.
Checking the admin panel for enabled authentication methods, U2F doesn’t seem to available, either.

I read and word-searched the guide multiple times to see if this feature is available only on particular plans, as I use Duo Free but couldn’t see such mention.

What am I missing?


Sorry for the confusion. U2F support is not available on Duo Free, which is currently only indicated here: https://duo.com/docs/labs-features#universal-2nd-factor-(u2f)-tokens, and I know that page is pretty difficult to find.

I’ve asked our website folks to add that to https://duo.com/product/trusted-users/two-factor-authentication/authentication-methods/u2f as well.


Oh well. Maybe U2F will come to free accounts one day.

Thank you for the clarification.


According to the “What’s New” panel in Duo admin, U2F is now available for the Duo Free tier:

Support for U2F Tokens has graduated from Labs features and is now a part of Duo Free and Duo MFA by default, in addition to Duo Access and Duo Beyond.

However, I cannot get it to work. I do not have any options in Settings related to Authentication Methods (i.e., no option to enable U2F as described here) and when I go to enroll a new user, I only have Mobile Phone, Tablet, and Landline as options on the enrollment screen. What do I need to do to have the U2F option on Duo Free? Thanks!


U2F should already been enabled for Free plans, and there’s no way to enable or disable it (which is what the document you linked is describing for MFA plans).

If you click the “2FA Devices” nav link on the left, do you see “U2F Tokens” listed underneath?

Are you enrolling using a supported browser (Chrome or Opera)?


I do see “U2F Tokens” under “2FA Devices” in the admin panel, but I do not see a U2F option when enrolling a user. I am using the latest version of Google Chrome, and U2F works fine in other contexts. Thanks for your help!


Please contact Duo Support about this. You should definitely be able to enroll a U2F token on a Duo Free account (I’ve done it!), so maybe there is something particular about your account or configuration.