Two Times DUO-Push Auth - Mac using RDS w/ Gateway


Hello everyone

I want to connect a Mac-Computer to a RDS-Session over RDS-Gateway using DUO.
The connection itself with “Microsoft Remot Desktop” works fine. Only Duo sends two pushs during authentification. (Both Duo-Auth are shown as sucessfully aproved in activity-Log on Duo-Admin

Duo-Authentification is on the RDS-Gateway-Server due DuoTsgPlugIn.dll

With windows-clients there is no problem and it works fine with a single Duo-Push

Is there someone who is using Mac, RDS-Gateway and Duo too?
Does it need some cache settings?

Thanks a lot for help and sorry for my bad english… :100:


@N3bula This is a known limitation of RD Gateway w/ MacOS and how it handles sessions between the Gateway and the Session host. We note this in the following KB as well:


Thanks for the fast awnser, so there is not really a solution. Just authenticate 2 times or buy windows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Have a nice weekend sir.

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