Two plugins chain for OpenVPN users

Is there a way to use Duo authentication for
OpenVPN at the same time with user + password authentication? The OpenVPN user first input USER and PASSWORD to the remote OpenVPN gateway, then he has to receive either an OTP confirmation or a push request from Duo. Is it possible to implement such a chain?
Made a working version for Duo authorization after connecting to the openvpn service using certificates, but it does not ask for a name and password, but I need to enter NAME_PASSWORD first, and then the Duo password
Perhaps need to use two plugins etc?
Thank you!

Hi @AlehSeveryn, I don’t believe this is possible. In the documentation, it says support for OpenVPN deployments with password authentication may be supported in the future. You may also want to check with Duo Support to see if there is a workaround to accomplish this that they can share with you. I’m not seeing anything on my end, though.