Hi All, In Turkey when you would like to activate an account or when you try to send an SMS authentication message to the client, if the client has Turk Telekom GSM line, your sms messages does not deliver to them. I don’t know have you heard before or not but I need to discuss to this topic with you just I try to understand the root cause.

Eser Sekizinci

i live this problem with Turkcell, and my Mobile Phone is broken and a can’t authenticate with my account.

Hi Eser, I know you posted this awhile ago now, but if you are still having issues receiving SMS, please contact Duo Support to troubleshoot this further.

Dear Amy,

My problem was solved a long time ago, thank you for your interest.

Best regards,
Eser Sekizinci

Amy Reyes via Duo Security Community <duo@discoursemail.com>, 15 Haz 2020 Pzt, 19:34 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

Glad to hear you got it resolved!