Trusted Networks gone?


Hey all.
I have been using this nice tool for my win server 2012.
I had a policy that said that my network was allowed to access the server without 2 step authentication.

I can read here

That i shall have trusted networks under my application but i do not.

I use the free version is that why? If so can somebody tell me that easyest way to remove DOU?

Regards Daniel


Thanks for giving Duo a try! When you sign up for a new account you get to explore all the features and benefits of our Platform edition for one month. When the Platform trial expires, we switch you to the free Personal edition (unless you’ve already opted into another paid account type).

Trusted Networks is part of Duo’s Platform and Enterprise editions. That’s why the feature is no longer available to you. You can see which features are included in each edition on our Pricing page.

You can continue using Duo’s Windows Logon application on your server. You just need to approve the Duo authentication request when logging in. Make sure that you’ve enrolled a user in Duo that has the same username as you use to log on to your Windows server.

If you’d like to remove Duo from your Windows Server, you can do so from the “Programs and Features” Control Panel applet. Look for the “Duo Authentication for Windows Logon” application in the list and click to uninstall it. If you aren’t able to log on to your Windows server, even with an enrolled Duo user login, see our instructions for uninstalling Duo from Safe Mode.


Does Duo’s network restriction policies work with local ips, i can see it’s only restricted to public ip space ?


If you are using Duo with something that sends an internal IP to the Duo service than you may be able to use the internal network with authorized networks.

Log into the Duo Admin Panel and take a look at your authentication logs (under Reports). Do you see your internal IP in the log events? If so you can try to use authorized networks. If you see no IP or, then authorized networks will not work with that application.