Trialing Duo - slow Microsoft RDP login prompt (Windows 10)

Trialing Duo to see if it’s a fit for our org. Have Microsoft RDP application up and running for our domain on a few test systems using Authentication Proxy/Directory sync. Standard domain users logging in utilizing Yubikey. It’s working, but the Duo window takes 30-45 seconds minimum to show up.

Put in a support ticket a week ago with no response.

Hi @SamSmart84,
I’m sorry you haven’t gotten a response yet. Our support team has been experiencing larger than normal case volume lately that has resulted in some delays in response time. We are doing our best to get back to folks in a timely manner though.

This issue is most commonly related to domain performance and configuration issues. Duo checks the primary credentials against the domain on every login attempt and does not use any credential caching. If there are any domain performance issues related to the login process, then a delay can result for the end-user.

Some customers have reported resolving this by rejoining the computer to the domain, re-imaging the affected machine, or by changing networks.

We recommend you follow Microsoft guidelines on troubleshooting slow logon issues, if you have not done so already: