Transfer of the keys to the new device

I have new phone and I need to transfer keys from the DUO app there. After transfering, can I still use them from BOTH devices, or just from one?

Hi @alikalik13, great question! That depends. What types of accounts are you using with Duo Mobile? Third-party accounts like Instagram or Facebook will not be deactivated on the old device and will continue to work on both devices after recovering your accounts from a backup using Duo Restore for Third-Party Accounts.

If you use Instant Restore or Duo Restore to recover Duo-protected accounts on a new device, it will deactivate those accounts (both user and administrator) on the device used to create the backup, and you will no longer be able to authenticate from the old device.

If you want to use two or more devices to authenticate with Duo Mobile, you should follow the process to Add a new device or work with your administrator.

@Amy How should I transfer my accounts from Android DUO to iPhone DUO?

Ah ok, because it is not possible to restore Duo Mobile to a device on a different operating system, you will have to either add the new device following the instructions below OR for third-party accounts like Instagram and Facebook, you must disable 2FA for those accounts from within the Privacy & Security settings section of your profiles for those accounts, then manually reconnect them to Duo Mobile on the new device.

Duo Mobile users who get a new device that uses the same phone number as an old device on a different platform can activate Duo Mobile on the new device from the self-service device management options in the Duo Prompt. Note that you must access a web-based application that displays the Duo Prompt, and a Duo administrator must have previously enabled this feature in the Duo Admin Panel.

Please note that the instructions above apply only to Duo-protected accounts (those which are associated to an organization like a school or workplace).