Tips for writing a Topic

Welcome to the Duo Community! Whether you’re new or a Top Contributor, we’re glad you’re here. This is the place for fellow members of the security community, including Duo users, admins, and partners, to share best practices and tips for making the most of their security solutions.

We’re going to go over some best practices for writing a Topic in the Duo Community. Writing a detailed Topic using our formatting tools will enhance your experience here by:

  • Allowing Duo Community members to identify and troubleshoot issues more efficiently;
  • Helping Duo Community members quickly find answers to their questions in search results;
  • Helping Duo Community members link existing Topics as they’re seeking help for a related issue

Providing more context and background information when seeking advice in forums like Managing Users, Managing Devices, and Protecting Applications.

Read more about best practices for writing a Duo Community Topic below.

Write a specific title as a question

The title for your Topic should be as specific as possible. It’s helpful to think about and phrase your title as a question, like:

  • “What are some best practices for deploying Duo for the first time?”
  • “Why am I seeing the error ‘The Authentication Proxy did not respond’ while selecting groups for AD Sync?”
  • “Which policy settings can be used to reduce end-user friction?”

Add as many details as possible

Add as many details as possible in your Topic to help others answer your question. This also helps other Community members gain more background information to give the most helpful answer.

Technical questions that get the best Community responses usually include:

  • The edition of Duo you are using
  • Which applications you are protecting with Duo
  • Versions of operating systems, etc.
  • Specific error messages or log entries

Important: Do not include any organization-specific sensitive information, especially when sharing log file snippets.

Add tags

Although tags are optional, adding tags makes it easier for other Community members to find your Topic both in search results and in related forums.

Take advantage of Duo Community features

The Duo Community has several features in its user interface that make it easier for members to interact with each other to both seek and give help and advice. Read more in our Duo Community guide on how to use these features to learn about:

  • Saving helpful pages for later;
  • Responding to Topics by quoting text from other posts or mentioning other Duo Community members;
  • Inserting and formatting code snippets;
  • Subscribing to topics and categories to track new replies;

Get support

If you need support or advanced troubleshooting, please read this guide on how to get support from Duo.