The username you have entered is not enrolled with DUO Security


A while back i setup DUO and setup 2FA for my laptop, i dont remember how, but ever since then i get the message The username you have entered is not enrolled with DUO Security when i try to login to my laptop.

I had to change my account type to bypass in order for me to login to my laptop again. How do i fix the username issue, I login to my laptop using the work email(office 365) but it doesnt seem to recognize this as my username

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Hi @LSA4,

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This help article on “Why am I unable to log in to Windows after installing Duo Authentication for Windows Logon?” is a good place to start for troubleshooting this. You’re seeing this error because the account you’re using to log in to Windows does not match a Duo user in the system.

Something to be aware of is that Duo administrator accounts are separate from Duo user accounts, so you might need to enroll as a user as well. Try the troubleshooting steps in that article above ^ and let me know how it goes!


Your username in Duo may be your “sAMAccountName” if you synced users up from AD. Try setting “mail” as an alias so that you can sign in either with username or email.