Telephony Report

I’d really like to contact users on the telephony report and ask them to use the mobile app and the “push” or “code” as we’re quickly burning through our telephony credits. I don’t see user names listed on the telephony report. Is there a good way to create a report of heavy telephony users?

You can filter the Authentication Log report by authentication method. Would filtering to just Phone Call and SMS authentications also help you identify those users?

Hi @bmckenna, thanks for sharing such a good question with the community! This is a question shared by many other admins. I love that you’re taking the initiative to guide your end-users toward different (and in the case of Duo Mobile, more secure) authentication methods.

As @DuoKristina suggested, the best way to get at which users have the heaviest telephony usage is to filter the Authentication Log report by Phone Call and SMS. You can even potentially just filter to Phone Call usage, since that tends to use the most telephony credits.

From Reports > Authentication Log > click to display the filter and then choose a Time Range such as Last 90 days and the authentication method Phone Call.
You can display the result in the screen or choose to Export to CSV, JSON, or print format.
This displays usernames of those who completed phone call authentications.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t show how many credits were used, but you can identify the users you’ll need to reach out to.

Hope that helps! There’s not really a direct way today to accomplish what you’re after with the telephony report in Duo, but this is hopefully a sufficient solution. Let us know if not!