Telephony Credits

In the free account …

Do you know if any amount of Telephony Credits is recharged from time to time for free?


Hi @andromeda90, welcome to the community! Thanks for your question.

Unlike paid edition accounts, Duo Free plan customers (and educational institutions subscribing to any Duo plan, just fyi) do not receive allowance telephony credits – so there will not be a “recharge.”

However all customers on all Duo editions (including Duo Free) can purchase backup credits. Backup credits never expire. You can learn more about buying credits here: Telephony Credits | Duo Security

Hi @Dooley :

I’m seeing that I have to do that, you could be a little more flexible with the payment, instead of having to buy minimum 1000 credits for $10, you could put the minimum at $1.

Thank you and best regards.