Support tickets unanswered


MFA Plan, 46 users, planning to add about another 100.

8 days ago I opened the 00802532 support case. Unanswered until now.

I really wonder if it will be worthy for us not just enrolling (and paying) a bunch of new users if we’re having this problem with support tickets all the time. Last one took almost 2 weeks to be answered. I have way better support even from free stuff about everywhere.

Will any of the admins/support crew/etc of this so called “Cisco branding” please answer to the ticket?


Hi @Ruben_Cardenal, welcome to the Duo Community and thank you for sharing your concern here with us. This is a question that has come up a few times recently, so please excuse me as I am going to borrow a lot of words from my past responses on this.

First, let me apologize for the long wait times you have recently experienced. We truly appreciate your patience at this time. Our Support Team is currently experiencing higher support request volume than normal, and we are working hard to prioritize and reply to all customer requests. However, our response times are unfortunately delayed, as you’ve noticed. Your time is valuable, and we are truly sorry for the inconvenience this is undoubtedly causing you and others as well.

We are currently taking some necessary steps to improve your experience and increase our capacity to handle current volume. In the meantime, for faster support, please contact us by phone using the numbers listed Duo Customer Support | Duo Security 4. While waiting, we recommend you choose the option to receive a callback to limit your time on hold even further. Our highest volume tends to be Monday through Friday, 10AM ET - 4PM ET (1400 - 2000 UTC). Please consider reaching out to us outside of these hours.

I’ll also reach out to our support team to see if we can get you a more timely response on this.

Following up on this, I took a look at your support ticket, and I think I may be able to help you here in the Community.

You wrote:

We’ve setup a “Generic Service Provider 2FA with SSO hosted by Duo (Single Sign-On)” to use it with Cloudflare.

When the SSO is performed from their website, it works. But if its performed from the Duo Central thing, it fails. We asked Cloudflare’s support and they told us that they don’t support IdP-Initiated login. They also said that maybe it can be simulated somehow, and pointed us to some Okta documentation where it’s shown how such a IdP-Initiated login can be simulated. Does Duo support this too? Thanks.

It appears that there is a feature request to add support for IdP-initiated login to Cloudflare, so I encourage you to visit the Cloudflare Community and upvote that request.

I took a look at Okta’s documentation on how to simulate an IdP-initated flow using the Bookmark App which you mentioned, and it seems like this should be possible with Duo SSO using the steps in our documentation to Add Bookmark Tiles in Duo Central. Does that help?
Tagging in our resident SSO expert - @jamie can you confirm?

It looks like Cloudflare does not natively support IdP initiated login but if they have a URL of their own that kicks off the SSO flow you can fill out the Service Provider Login URL on the application page in the Duo Admin Panel and that URL is where users will be sent to when they click the Duo Central link.

Bookmark Tiles like @Amy mentioned would also work but the Service Provider Login URL shortens that flow by not needing to do anything extra but populate that field on the application page.

Hello Amy,

I read about all the stuff a month ago and I see that nothing is happening. I have only got some answer from you guys when I’ve complained here. And I don’t think that you’re receiving like hundreds of support tickets per day. Besides, you also said that you’re “working hard to prioritize and reply to all customer requests”, which clearly means that you’re only replying in time to those who pay more. Maybe those of us in the MFA plan are not so important… not receiving an answer in more than a week.

I certainly don’t like having to be here expressing my complains in public, and having to lose time doing it, in general.

And yes, I read about the phone support thing. To be frank, I prefer to address tech issues by tickets, since on a ticket I can provide rich details about my problem, because we’ll agree that on a phone call you can’t show an screenshot, attach logs, etc. So, at the end, the support needs to be on a ticket… as happens everywhere. Phone support is great for more general stuff, but detailed support is better given via support tickets that are answered in a reasonable amount of time. And more than a week is not reasonable. Or 2 weeks.

The bookmark thing worked (I don’t know how valid in time the link will be though, I’ll just ask Cloudflare) thanks. That’s what you should’ve replied in the support ticket like 10 days ago.