Successful SAML / SSO integration with JazzHR?


Curious if anyone has successfully integrated Duo with JazzHR? Jazz seems to have some internal reason to try and force their customers to use OneLogin’s SSO product, but when you look at the docs it’s clearly just a SAML2.0 setup. Since it’s hidden by pre-defined OneLogin integration for the connection info, it’s hard to find the right values to plug into Duo. Just wondering if anyone’s figured it out. Thanks



Have you tried contacting JazzHR customer support to see if they let you configure a generic SAML IdP within their product? Looking at their documentation it appears that they’ve hard coded support for OneLogin and GSuite, and don’t have a way for a customer to enter the SSO information for other SSO providers (like, JazzHR may let you paste in the Duo Access Gateway SSO URL but have the OneLogin Entity ID hard-coded in the application).



Unfortunately that’s accurate; they have hard coded to only work with that entity. Nonsensical choice on their part given it appears they’re just using SAML regardless; guess we can just complain to them or take the biz elsewhere.