Over the weekend and into today we had a up-tick in the number of Duo related calls where people couldn’t get text or phone calls. The logs weren’t reporting anything particularly useful, and it was narrowed down to being one carrier.

In digging into it, I came across the STIR/SHAKEN standard and it seemed that is what T-Mobile had started enforcing.

It did seem to resolve itself out, but it brought the issue to the forefront and I wanted to know what others are doing to mitigate any interruption caused by it. (This may only actually impact a small number of Duo customers, but those may be the customers with the larger user bases).




Hi Kevin, just wanted to let you know that we are currently investigating this issue. There are updates on the Duo Status Page regarding it:

While we work to resolve this issue with T-Mobile, note that there is a workaround provided in this KB article:

Hope this helps.