Start Here! Introduce yourself thread

Hello everyone and welcome!

As you get started here on the community, we’d love if you could introduce yourself or just say hi! We are excited to get to know you a bit better.

What brings you here? What are you hoping to get out of Level Up?


I am a Certified Newbie to DUO. I am a Drupal (PHP) Developer who has been asked to create a module to allow authenticated users to request Bypass Codes from within Drupal.

I’ve installed the Drupal 7 Duo module and have been heads-down in the Auth and Admin API.

I am successfully calling and authenticating (verified from “/auth/v2/check” endpoint"), but having trouble getting much further using Admin key and Admin API. I won’t go into details here as this is an “Introduction”, but if there are any other community members out there who have experience in PHP Admin API, I’d love to get in touch!

If I can get this going, I’ll be integrating this into other applications and platforms.



Hi Ellen @ellenjones123 , nice to meet you! PHP Admin API is personally out of the realm of my expertise, but thankfully we have many knowledgeable admins around here that may be able to help you out.

I will say that we do have some e-learning courses available in beta right now that other new administrators have found useful. So far, we have lessons for an Introduction to the Admin Panel, Policies, and Authentication Methods, as well as a focused course series for training helpdesk support personnel. Unfortunately, I don’t think you would find it too useful for guidance creating your module, but if you or anyone in your organization is ever interested in participating, let me know and I can generate an access code for you.

Have an awesome day and welcome to the community! :blush:

Hi Ellen!

Welcome to the Duo Community! We’re glad to have you. I’m the community manager, Amy. If you have any questions about using the site here or need help finding something, I’m your go-to person :slight_smile:

Have you checked out the Admin API forum here? Sounds like you might be able to connect with some people there who can help you!

Thank you for participating! We look forward to your contributions here.

Hi there! I am not new to Duo but excited for the possibilities that Level Up provides. I am a manager at the Help Desk at the University of Texas at Dallas and hoping to make the Level Up course for Help Desk staff required for our student employees that work in the console to get folks connected or re-connected. LOVE the LinkedIn certification – that is great for resume building for my staff.


Hi there @BSherwood_UTDallas! Welcome to the Duo Community :slight_smile:

I am SO happy to hear how Level Up can help engage the help desk team at the University of Texas! We have several other universities participating in the Level Up Beta, and many that I spoke with have expressed how challenging it can be to get everybody up to speed, especially when support teams change from semester to semester. Introducing certification as part of their job role sounds like a great idea to set them up for success.

I’d love to hear more about your team and the training processes you folks use today. If you’re interested in sharing more of your ideas with us, feel free to DM me or our Community Manager @Amy and maybe we can set up a call to talk more!

(P.S. - I love the LinkedIn certification too! I couldn’t resist putting it on my own LinkedIn profile. Does it count if I wrote the exam? :joy:)


I am a Project Manager (PMP) who is an x-Cisco CCNP. I was just laid off, so have spent my time learning about Duo Security.

Matt K. at Duo gave me access to the LevelUp training site and asked me to provide some feedback. If you are interested I have complete a UAT for the Tutorial Mode: Welcome to Duo Level Up CBT. I can send it to you if you want.

I completed the DUO Help Desk Administrator certification.

Duo 2FA is a very good security option.
Regards, Scott

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Hi @stepnharp welcome to the Duo Community! It’s always great to see new faces ! :slight_smile: I’m so glad you got a chance to check out Level Up and go through our Help Desk certification.

I checked with Matt and I think we may have received the your UAT write up a couple weeks ago. Is this the most recent version? DUO Level Up - Tutorial Mode - Welcome to Duo Level Up - UAT Review.pdf (357.7 KB) Our goal is to make the site as good as it possibly can be before we launch to all our customers, so we really appreciate feedback like this! (My apologies for the delay in response, by the way! I was recently out of the office for a bit and I must have missed your email in the shuffle of getting back up to speed with everything. )

I just got done reviewing the your comments and your feedback is really excellent! You have a great eye for detail and any company would be lucky to have someone with your keen eye on the team. I will set aside some time over the next couple of days to address these corrections on this course :slight_smile:

We have some more goodies coming over the next couple weeks, including a course dedicated to Enrollment, and a certification exam for the Admin Panel Essentials course series. If you notice anything else in any of our existing or future courses, feel free to send them to us at or share them here on the community!

Best of luck to you with everything and take care!

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