SSO for Generic SAML Provider


I’m having trouble setting up a generic SAML provider for our application following the documentation here:

I don’t see the option to enable “Duo Single Sign-on”, nor do I see the “Generic Service Provider” app in the list of applications.

We are currently implementing SAML 2.0 SSO in our application. One of our customers uses Duo, so we would like to test our implementation against Duo, to ensure they will be able to integrate our application.

Any information on how we can do this would be appreciated…

You don’t see “Single Sign-On” in the Admin Panel navigation on the left?

Software vendors seeking to add Duo authentication to their applications are invited to join Duo’s Technology Partners program. Upon approval your company can receive a developer account not subject to the 30 day Access plan trial, and assistance from Duo with developing and marketing your integration.

Learn more about the Duo Ready technical partnership program and register for the program here.

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