SSH temporarily remind device

We use DUO in collaboration with SSH. We would like the jumphost to remind the client temporarily (1 hour) and not send a push notification every time.

Is this possible?

Hi there! I understand you would like to use the Remembered Devices feature with Duo for SSH. This is possible, however, it would essentially require you to write your own PAM module that would call the Duo Auth API Preauth and Auth endpoints. Specifically, you would need to write code that calls our /Auth endpoint to authenticate initially and then saves the trusted_device_token. Then on every subsequent API call, you would need to call the /preauth endpoint, passing along the trusted_device_token as a parameter.

Our client libraries contain some sample code on how to call our APIs and the Duo Support team can answer any questions you may have. Please note though, we are unfortunately unable to help write or troubleshoot custom code. The community may be able to help you out with that though! Try posting in the API category :smiley: