Sophos UTM with LDAP proxy

Hi all!

Having a problem protecting Sophos UTM.
I set up a LDAP proxy and configured the Firewall to use that proxy instead of the old NPS.
This works well for the authentication to the VPN portal page. However, when I configure the same for the SSL VPN I authenticate, receive and approve a DUP push but get denied after.
In the DUO admin panel I can see the authentication request as completed. There must be some mishap happening between the proxy and the FW.

Any ideas?


Hi @fgeier, thanks for sharing your question with the Duo Community! I found some threads in the Sophos Community where a user was experiencing the same issue as you but with RADIUS. The solution there was to add the user to the SSL VPN group. Not sure if that will work in this case though. Your best bet is to contact Duo Support for further assistance. They can guide you through this and help you configure it correctly. :smiley: