Sophos MDM and DUO


I am trying to protect my phones with Sophos Mobile (MDM, Sophos Central - cloud based). When I want to apply MDM policy to the phone, it open a DUO app asking me to approve policy. Here I received an error.
I find this document where is explained what has to be done, but I am unable to do it. Duo Trusted Endpoints - Sophos Mobile Managed Endpoint Device Deployment | Duo Security
Can someone explain me if this is a setting that is not available in free plan or I miss something?

Thank you for an answer.

Hi @elvisg, welcome to the Duo Community! Trusted Endpoints is part of the Duo Beyond plan, and is not available in the Duo Free edition. This is likely why this is not working for you. If you’d like to upgrade your Duo edition to have this functionality, our sales team can help you with that. You’ll find their contact info on this page. Hope that helps!