SonicWall SMA200 / [radius_server_auto] only works with Chrome


Just got a SonicWALL SMA200 VPN appliance and set up DUO using instructions here When I go to log in using a web browser I click “Send me a Push” and tap “Accept” on my phone using Google Chrome, I am logged in and all is well. But if I do the same thing with FireFox or Internet Explorer, it hangs at “Success! Logging You In” and never advances to the next page. At one point it was doing this with Chrome as well. Not sure what changed that it started working with Chrome.

I opened a ticket with DUO support and was told that this link is only for SRA and SMA100 and I need to use instructions here instead I did that and it works, but I am not presented with multiple 2FA options (which is what we want). It just does a push without any prompt.

Can anyone suggest how I might get this to work so users are presented with multiple 2FA options?



The SonicWALL iframe integration is for the SMA 100 Series, which includes the SMA 200, SMA 400, and SMA 500v. I’m sorry Duo Support gave you incorrect information! It’s possible the support engineer misunderstood our documentation.

I just tried the radius_server_iframe experience on a SMA 200 running firmware in Firefox 65.0.1 and 66.0.2, and in Internet Explorer 110.09600.19036, and I am able to log in by selecting the push option from the Duo Prompt.

Please try contacting Duo Support again to open a case for troubleshooting assistance.