Sonicwall NSA Client VPN

Hi All,

Does DUO MFA has any limitation while integrating with Sonicwall NSA vpn client ?. Pls refer below article from where i find such wordings.

If you are using SonicWall Mobile Connect client or SonicWall’s Global VPN Client using IPsec, or an unsupported device as listed below, then see the VPN Client Instructions to configure the SonicWall device to use Duo Security’s push authentication. The Duo Prompt shown in browsers does not work with SonicWall client VPN applications.

We do not support the Duo web-based prompt with:

  • SMA 100 series devices or upgraded SRA devices with firmware versions before SonicWall discontinued SMA v8.x support in September 2019, and discontinued v9.0.x support in October 2021. SonicWall Product Lifecycles
  • SRA devices which have reached end of life, which includes SRA 1600, SRA 4600, SRA EX6000, and SRA EX7000. No update to to address the issued a zero-day vulnerability alert is available for these end-of-life SRA appliances. Use at your own risk.
  • SMA 1000 series devices which run v11 or v12 firmwares.
  • NSA, TZ, or EX (Aventail) devices

The integration documented here (radius_server_iframe) is NOT compatible with NSA.

You could add Duo to your NSA with RADIUS using our automatic push (radius_server_auto) or text challenge (radius_server_challenge) configurations.

Find generic radius_server_auto instructions here. All the types of RADIUS configurations are described in the Duo Authentication Proxy Reference.