[Solved] End user have changed the phone , how to reset DUO of this user?


I am using DUO with confluence 6.
I am currently having a problem with my end user that he have changed his phone, and need to reset the DUO so that he can login to the confluence again.
Luckily, he have not changed the phone number, so he can still using SMS to login.

Here comes the problem:

  1. How to reset it? like completely reset the DUO of this user.
  2. I am seeing that in the DUO help https://guide.duo.com/add-device that there is an option to allow user to add device. Unfortunately i cannot find out any technical document that can reference on how to enable this on the DUO Auth page.

I am the admin of DUO and the confluence system.
Would you please kindly help on this or reference me to the correct materials on these issues please?



OK i solved the problem by myself.

I found that i can login the DUO portal (admin.duosecurity.com) , and i can delete the user device there.
And then the whole thing have been reset, and the problem have been solved.


Hi Daniel,

Thank you for following back in the community to share what worked for you! I’m glad you were able to achieve what you were trying to do.

I’d like to share some additional information that you and others in the community may find helpful.

I notice you referred to our Guide to Two-Factor Authentication for end-users. We also have admin-facing guides that are relevant here. To your specific point about how to enable the self-service portal in the Duo Admin Panel, please see the steps outlined here.

This help article explains how Duo is affected and the process to follow when a user gets a new phone, phone number, or SIM card. In the case of a new phone, the user needs to reinstall and reactivate Duo Mobile on the new device, which as you have noted can be done when the self-service portal is enabled.

Hope that helps!