[SNEAK PEEK] How Duo is Making Passwordless Progress Easier


Cisco recently announced passwordless authentication through Duo is coming, designed to support your current password-based access needs while enabling your migration to a passwordless workflow. Built on Cisco’s industry-leading zero trust platform, securing access for any user, from any device, to any application, the solution will provide one easy login to all the organization’s cloud applications.

Join this session with Duo Advisory CISO J. Wolfgang Goerlich and Product Marketing Manager Ted Kietzman on May 13, and you’ll learn how Duo is brewing the antidote to your password headaches, what the passwordless workflow will look like, and where you’ll be seeing it first!

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What developments have paved the road to passwordless
  • How Duo is preparing to help you securely and seamlessly transition to passwordless authentication
  • Which passwordless use cases will be available first, and what will follow

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