Skype for business


Ok have had the DAG running with AD for a couple of weeks, I have used the full outlook client, logged into the dag and access sharepoint online with 2FA. This morning I rebooted and got prompted by Skype for Business to Login, clicked on my name, DAG login pops up enter username and password, 2FA pops up, push to my phone, hit accept, and get this error in skype.


You didn’t get signed in. It might be your sign-in address or logon credentials, so try those again. Did try, same thing.

Modern Auth is turned on for Skype, double checked it.

Any thoughts?


If there was an error in the response back from the Duo Access Gateway to Microsoft Online it should be captured in the DAG debug logs (about DAG logging on Linux or Windows).

I suggest you contact Duo Support for interactive help troubleshooting this. They can help you collect and review the necessary logs and other information. Please don’t paste your DAG logs here.


Sorry for the late response to this, I fixed the issue by rebooting my PC. Not sure what caused the issue but a reboot as alwaly is my first trouleshoot option.