Site to trigger Duo settings


Is there a URL that will reliably trigger the Duo settings screen:
I typically tell users to login to, but if they’re already logged into it, Duo won’t challenge them.


Hi Eli. You could consider deploying a Device Management Portal integration and directing users to that. The Device Management Portal is a standalone version of our self-service portal.


Thanks but that’s way more complicated than I was thinking. I was simply looking for a Duo URL that would consistently pop-up a Duo challenge/settings screen.


Hey @Eli,
A few other ideas if the DMP is too much work:

  • If you are using the Duo Access Gateway, you could users access the Launcher URL (, as described here: Duo Access Gateway for Windows | Duo Security. An Incognito window may be required depending on your Remembered Devices settings.
  • Using an Incognito/Private sessions to access any web-facing Duo-protected application should require primary and secondary authentication in most situations, which would get users to the Duo Prompt.