Single Duo D-100 purchase

Hi, I’M getting quite used to MFA devices, already own a YubiKey 5 NFC and a Token2 T2F2-NFC, there is a SoloKeys Solo Tap USB-A waiting to arrive, and I’m flirting with a NitroKey.
I would like to extend my device arsenal with a Duo D-100, but I would like only one, for personal use.
Is it possible to order a single piece, and probably not at a horrific international shipping rate?

Hi @zsoltsandor, welcome to the Duo Community! It’s great to see your enthusiasm and interest in security devices. Duo hardware tokens are only available in increments of 10. I’m not sure what our shipping rates are, but you can inquire with a Duo sales representative or submit a request using this form. They’ll be able to tell you more.