Simple Way to Bypass Duo with RDP

I have Duo Security set up with Windows Remote Desktop so that when I RDP to my Windows 10 machine, I get a Duo Security alert that is needed to log in.

However I have discovered that if I cancel the Duo Popup on my Windows PC, at the bottom Left corner of the Windows Login screen, there are two rectangular boxes for my userid. If I click on the second one, it wants me to authenticate via Due Security but if I click on the first one, I can simply bypass Duo Security and log in without Duo requiring me to authenticate via MFA!

I can’t believe it would be so easy to work around Duo Security. Is there a way I can stop that first login option from appearing so that Duo can’t be bypassed?

I am thinking this may related to the issue mentioned here

Duo Authentication for Windows Logon and RDP: FAQ | Duo Security?

@BMG4ME That is a possibility if you are using Microsoft LiveId/Account. Additionally there are a number of other scenarios we have documented here:

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I think I may have found another one which I really would rather discuss privately.

If that’s the case I would suggest engaging our Security Response guidance found here: Security Response | Duo Security.