SIDs appearing in our authentication log


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We recently purchased Duo and have slowly started to enroll our users. We’re doing this in phases. Our last phase will be to put the nail in the coffin and disallow any logins if the user is not enrolled. We don’t want to enable that setting yet as it would create absolute chaos. So for right now, it’s not enabled.

We have a Remote Desktop Service (RDS) environment, with a Remote Desktop (RD) web access, RD gateway, RD connection broker, and several RD session hosts. All of these servers run Windows Server 2016 and have the January 2020 cumulative update.

We have Duo working and set up with our RDS environment and has been working quite well for us so far. Since we have Duo working in our environment, we are able to see all authentications against us. We have recently started to see some very strange authentication logs. These authentication logs use the users SID to log in rather than the user names, and they’re at very strange times. The are apparently coming from Microsoft RD Web and have an unknown location with an IP address of

We are getting lots of these. What’s more scary is that some of these SIDs are users who already have Duo enabled and working. So it’s not even prompting the user to allow or deny the login attempt. Now, this could be ended by simply disallowing any user login that’s unenrolled, but we’re not there yet. However to think that it’s happening regardless, is a tad concerning as well. I noticed that my SID was included in the list. I’ve recently changed my password about a week ago, and it still appeared.

Anyway, I hopped on our RD Web server and dug through the events in the event viewer. I found logs at the same time as the timestamps in the Duo authentication log. The logs were:

(2/21/2020 12:38:39 AM) Event ID 4624 - An account was successfully logged on
(2/21/2020 12:38:39 AM) Event ID 4634 - An account was logged off.

These happened at the same time which I thought was odd too.

Has anyone seen SIDs in the Duo authentication log before? Is Duo doing something to our RD servers or vice versa? Is our RD servers interacting idle sessions on our session host? Should we be concerned with anything?

Hi SVMax!

Thanks for reaching out to the community !

We’ve seen something similar to this with our OWA protection, which we document here -

I recommend reaching out to our support team so that we can help determine why you’re seeing this with the RD Web integration. They can be reached at

Please be sure to email from the address that you use to log in to your Admin Panel so that we know which account you’re working with.


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Hi @DuoJessica

Thank you for your recommendation but I already reached out to the support team but unfortunately they were not able to help me out, and wanted me to go to Microsoft instead. So I figured I would post something in the community to see if anyone else has seen this issue.

Here is what Duo Support said:

1. Why are SIDs appearing in our authentication log? Duo can’t advise what or who is authenticating into your RD Web instance using the SIDs. Duo is in place to prevent account takeover in the event of a password compromise, however that can only occur if the username passed to us from the application exist as a user in Duo.

2. What is causing these SIDs to authenticate? Duo can’t provide any insight on this issue. I would recommend reaching out to Microsoft to identify why SIDs are allowed as an accepted username format in RD Web