Side-Loading DUO onto Android and Updates through Play Store


Hey Duo Community,

Has anyone had success side-loading DUO onto an Android Device and having it successfully download from the Google Play Store?

I’m looking to set-up new employees with DUO already provisioned/set-up so they don’t have to spend their time setting up but right now they have to sign into Google Play Store, download through text message/active/etc.

Also- Does anyone have access to an old DUO APK so I could test this myself? I currently have DUO side-loaded but am just waiting for an update to come out to see if the Play Store updates.

Let me know if this makes sense or if I can answer any questions, thanks in advance!



Hi Nathan,

Not sure if you’re aware, but our APK is available in our knowledge base here:, but please be aware that sideloading the Android app means that it will not be automatically updated and pushes will need to be “fetched” by swiping in the app.

Would definitely be great to hear from others about any successes or challenges they’ve had with rolling out the app via sideloading.


Hey Dooley,

Thanks for the response! I was aware that the most recent version can be found there, appreciate the resource.

I did some testing today and was able to side-load and set-up an older version of the APK prior to logging into the Play Store. After logging into the Play Store, DUO did not show up as an Installed App. I searched for DUO in the Play Store and was given the option to ‘Update’ to the latest version. After updating, DUO did show up in the Play Store under Installed Apps which gives me hope.

The last thing I need to confirm is that now that the latest version is in the Play Store even though I originally side-loaded the app, will it update through the Play Store when a new version of DUO is released or will it need to be fetched.

Hopefully someone else has experience here and if not I’ll be playing the waiting game :slight_smile: