Showing Server name for RDP Push Notifications

I am setting up the RDP Push application, and testing it out. However, I’ve noticed that the notification I receive when logging into the servers, just states “RDP:” and the name of the Application as it was created.
I was hoping to see if there is a way to include the server name as part of the push notification, so that in case of compromised credentials, the notification would specify what host is posing the question; i.e. “RDP: Server01”
Is there a way to do this aside from creating an app per server (and negating the possibility of pushing it out via GPO?

Thank you,

Hi Menezesj, Welcome to the Duo Community!

Please ensure the session hosts are protected with version 4.0+ of the Windows Logon integration, when this feature was added.
Please see the article below for further details:

If you are on the latest version and this is still not appearing, I would recommend creating a support ticket.