Shibboleth and CAS with DUO - Assistance needed


Hi, we are trying to implement DUO with Shibboleth and CAS and are having issues with the integration to work. Shibboleth initiates the DUO workflow but the integration does not work. Has anyone successfully implemented DUO with Shibboleth and CAS, where CAS is the authentication source (Shibboleth forwards authentication requests to CAS).


Hi Sumit683, could you please contact support regarding your issue? Thanks.


As a general rule of thumb, Duo should be invoked at the point of authentication, so in your case, CAS.

Duo integration with CAS requires the Unicon MFA Plugin, with the supporting documentation here. Additionally, Duo is now an option in the CAS 5.0.X native MFA libraries. More information here.

Hope this helps!