Setting up Duo Mobile on a new mobile device (I'm a personal user)


Hey Folks,

I have a new mobile phone (Android OS) and need to set up Duo Mobile on my new device. I have enabled Duo Restore on my old device and backed up to Google Drive. I then go to my new device, install Duo mobile and restore from back up but it does not find any back ups.

I’ve followed this article here:

Any thoughts on what I might need to do next?

Thanks in advance,



Hi Djuro,
Would you mind telling us more about exactly what you’re using Duo Mobile for and what you’re expecting upon installing Duo Mobile on a new device?

If you’re only using Duo Mobile for third-party accounts (vs. Duo-protected accounts, a distinction which you can read more about here:, please be aware that Duo Restore currently cannot be used to recover third-party accounts at this time.

Can you also confirm that you’re using the same Google account on the backed up device and the new device that you’re attempting to recover accounts on?


Hi Dooley - pleased to say it’s all set up and running…patience was the key here! Thanks for reviewing my post! Djuro


Sure thing. Good to hear it’s working now! Thanks for letting us know!