Setting up 3rd party 2FA on a second device

I have 3rd party 2FA set up for my login via the Duo App on my phone. I’ve also installed the Duo app in my iPad - but can’t find a way to set up this as a 2nd device so that I can still log in if I don’t have my phone.
Can this be done? When I first set up my phone, there was a code appeared that I used to link my phone the first time I logged into - I don’t see any way of getting that code back so I can have two devices linked.

Hi @RedNectar, welcome to the Duo Community! Thanks for sharing your question here. Yes, this can be done, and you are correct in assuming that you would use your original QR activation code to set up Duo Mobile 2FA for your third-party account on another device. The best approach is to scan the code with both (or multiple) devices when initially setting up 2FA for that third-party service.

I think your best bet here would be to disable 2FA for your Cisco login first (from the account provider side! Do NOT delete the Duo Mobile account or app as this will result in account lockout). Then reenable 2FA and scan the QR activation code with both devices. Does that make sense? Let me know if you need further assistance. Hope that helps!

Hi @Amy ,
Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. What you suggest sounds reasonable, but my next big challenge is:

to disable 2FA for your Cisco login first (from the account provider side!)

Just spent 30 mins trying to find HOW to do that. No luck so far! I’ll come back with an update if I find out!