Sending enrolment e-mails


Is there any way to send enrollment e-mails to users who (second time), who have already enrolled ?


Hi Raja,
If you’re referring to users created by bulk enrollment or directory sync who have not yet completed enrolling their 2FA devices in Duo, you can re-send them an enrollment email by following the instructions starting at Step 5 here:


I mean exactly what i said,

The users who are sync from AD were already provided with enrollment emails, for which we want to send the mails again since for most of them the ‘status’ is showing in DUO as ‘Active’ and ‘last login’ as ‘never authenticated’, i’m suspecting that the users were never enrolled.


Log in to the Duo Admin Panel and go to Users > Pending Enrollments.

Any users you see listed there were sent an enrollment email but haven’t followed the link in that email to enroll themselves in Duo. You can manually resend these enrollment emails from that page to remind those users to finish Duo enrollment.

Additionally, directory sync automatically resends the enrollment emails 2 days after initial send, and again at 10 days after initial send as reminders to any users who haven’t completed enrollment.


Hi Team,

Thanks for you effort, we did setup a call with your tech support and get clarification on this issue.

  • There is no way to send enrollment e-mails to the users to who already enrolled with DUO
  • Directory Sync, allows to send enrollment emails if and only if “import phone numbers” check box is disabled and “send automatic emails” check box is enabled



we find a workaround for this situation by enabling self enrollment in Web Application so that we were able to facilitate new users to enroll & current users can change there device from previous enrollments.