Send SMS Activation

Hi There,

I am generating an activation code /admin/v1/phones/[phone_id]/activation_url and then i am calling /admin/v1/phones/[phone_id]/send_sms_activation .
Below is my code

Http request = new Http.HttpBuilder("POST", cmd.getOptionValue("host"),
					"/admin/v1/phones/" + phone_id + "/send_sms_activation").build();
request.addParam("installation_msg", "Welcome To MQF Sandhya Sinha <insturl>");
request.addParam("activation_msg", "Welcome To Marquis Finance Sandhya Sinha To Activate <acturl>");
request.addParam("valid_secs", "60");
request.addParam("install", "1");

By using the above code sometimes it sends only installation_msg that is Welcome To MQF Sandhya Sinha but this one does not have the activation code which is an issue and some time it sends only activation_msg and some time both.

So I am a bit confused what is the correct way , for me activation_msg is the best way because it contains activation code.

Please help

Attempted to answer the same question in your other post here.