Selinux module won't install


I am installing a new authentication proxy on a Rocky-Linux 9.1 server. Rocky Linux claims to be 100% compatible to Red Hat Enterprise. We are using Rocky because of CentOS now being upstream from RHEL in development. I am installing authentication proxy version 5.8.0.

Even though I have followed the guide and installed all the prerequisites including selinux-policy-devel and SELinux is in enforcing mode, the installer says that it will not create the SELinux module. It says the requirements are not met. This causes the authentication proxy to not start at boot, and probably some other problems too (it seems I can not user systemd to control the service for example).

I have also tried to install the policycoreutils-devel package as suggested in this article.

Has anyone experienced similar problems with Rocky Linux 9 or RHEL 9?

Hi @sigveo,

We did some testing anf it looks like the SELinux detection assumes chkconfig is installed. If you yum install chkconfig does that fix the issue?


Yes, that did the trick. The duoauthproxy service now starts after reboot, I can control the service via systemd with SELinux in enforcing mode.

Great! We’ve noted this in the prereqs for now.