Selenium Tests blocking

I have to do periodically run Jenkins tests, when ever tests triggers, I have to give DUO code manually. Which I do not want to do and I need to automate the same.
Is there any alternative to give DUO using API or can we skip then duo code.
Here are steps what I do.
1.First I will login to AWS
2.Then DUO code will be generated, If I accept the duo code, then only login will be successful.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Are you protecting AWS with Duo SSO or Duo RADIUS on Amazon Directory? You can create the automated test user in Duo with “Bypass” status so that way that account won’t have to complete interactive 2FA .

There are other, more complicated ways to do this too, like to have your test use the Duo Admin API to create a bypass code for the test user when it runs, and then have the test submit that bypass code to complete MFA to proceed with the test.

Hi Kristina,
Thanks for the reply, I understood the point you are making.
Yes I am protecting AWS with DUO SSO on Amazon Directory.
I am first Login to AWS and then authenticating using DUO.
Is there any restAPI for this. If please share the API details.

No, today there is not a rest API for Duo SSO login.