Salesforce SAML login not working

I am trying to configure application for salesforce. I am not sure what field have to fill in here which is marked in Red

Where I have to take the value for salesforce

Hi @Marimuthu_Subramanian,

That page you’re on is for adding a SAML Identity Provider as the Authentication Source for Duo Single Sign-On. I think you’ll instead want to follow the documentation to set up Salesforce as a SAML Service Provider

Hi @jamie I follwed the same link as like you provided. Before protecting a salesforce application it asked me to configure. So under service provider I gave my salesforce URL ( When I click on Sign in with DUO sso in my salesforce page its again and again redirecting me to salesforce page only.

Hi Jamie,
I followed the same article only as like you mentioned. But I am not sure what will be Single sign on URL i have to give for the screen shot I psted above.
When I give DUO login URL its not getting redirected to salesforce after succesfull authentication

and this is the URL I gave


I tried giving my salesforce URL also but if i give like this again and again its redirecting to salesforce only.

Hi @Marimuthu_Subramanian,

It appears you might be trying to use Salesforce as the SSO authentication source for Duo SSO, and also trying to set up Duo SSO as the identity provider for Salesforce application logons as well.

I think this might wind up sending the authentications in a loop i.e. Salesforce redirects to Duo SSO which redirects to Salesforce which redirects to Duo SSO, etc.