RRAS NPS PAP - Windows 10 VPN Client Issue

Windows 10 1903 build 18362.207.

When creating a VPN connection, setting Authentication method in the Security tab in the VPN’s adapter properties to PAP will change “Type of sign-in info” in the VPN connection properties to “General authentication method” from “User name and password”. If I set it back to “User name and password” and set it, the Authentication methods are all deselected in the Security tab in the VPN’s adapter properties. From what I understand, DUO requires the auth type to be PAP and a valid username and password needs to be issued from the Windows VPN client, however, this seems to be an impossible combination. Does anyone have any ideas on a solution?

UPDATE: I have no explanation as to why, but MSCHAPv2 works. The documentation states only PAP should work. Did I miss something?

UPDATE: I don’t think it works with MSCHAPv2 after trying to reconnect resulting in failure. If I change the adapter properties to only PAP, even though the VPN client properties are on General authentication with no username and password, it connects. There is some funkiness going on in the Windows VPN world.