RRAS new setup but no internet access

We have recently set up RRAS with DUO and the connection works fine, DUO is prompted and accepted and users can connect. The issue we have, since DUO has been put in place, they no longer have internet access when they connect, only internal network access to server shares.
Any ideas what may be causing this with DUO?

Can’t access internal VPN network either actually. Also the gateway when on the VPN since installing DUO proxy is now

Hey @CraigSum, I see that you had a case open with us and were working with a member of the Duo Support team. That would normally be our first recommendation. Looks like you were able to successfully resolve this by rebooting the server after it froze?

Someone else in the community solved the same or a similar issue by updating the client and server. Read their post Windows Server 2016 RRAS No Network Access for more.