Round Cube with DUO

Has anyone ever integrated DUO with Round Cube and if so can you provide some assistance.

Hi there @Simple ! While we don’t have an official Duo application for Roundcube, there are several generic integration options available protect applications you might not see in the “Protect an Application” list in the Admin Panel. Is there a particular question or issue you’re running into with setting up the integration? If you don’t mind sharing a few additional details, we might be able to help point you in the right direction :slight_smile: Best of luck with everything!

I have tried to integrate DUO utilizing the plugins defined by GitHub - leonardomarino/duo_auth: Roundcube webmail plugin that enables Duo Security Two Factor Authentication

However, when I attempt to integrate this I get multiple errors within RoundCube logs. Since RoundCube works on PHP what would be the best Protect Application to try and integrate the system with. This is the most critical component for me to get 2FA working with and was asked prior to purchase to which the engineer responded it was possible.