Restrict Admin Console Login to Specific IP Addresses

Good morning!

Does anyone know if it is possible to restrict logging into the Admin Console only to specific IP Addresses? I have been asked to look into restricting access to the Admin Console through only my company’s network.

I looked around at the policies and I see the Authorized Networks policy but that policy is just referring to enrolling devices, correct? Other than that policy, I have not seem to have found any other IP based restriction policies.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Hi @ccarpenter and welcome! It is not possible today to restrict login access to the Duo Admin Panel to specific IP addresses, and you are correct that the Authorized Networks policy does not apply here.

Your best bet is to contact Duo Support to file this as an official feature request! Looks like others have voiced support for this or a similar feature in the past.

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P.S. Just letting you know I documented this in our knowledge base to hopefully help others in the future find this answer. Thank you again for bringing it to our attention!