Reset clear remove configuration in DUO

I have an application with DUO. The first login was with registration in DUO. Now everything is working ok and the duo remembers me. But I would like to test one more time the process of registering with DUO and I can’t do this. I have tried to clear the cache and change the browser and for my account still, it was remembered by the duo. How to remove settings in DUO to start on more time process of registration?

  1. Log into the Duo Admin Panel.
  2. Locate the test user and click to view that user’s details.
  3. Delete any phones, bypass codes, or security keys attached to that user.

The next logon of that user will enter the enrollment flow again.

Our documentation describes these operations in detail at Duo Administration - Manage 2FA Devices | Duo Security.

But my email (account) doesn’t have access to Duo Admin Panel… what to do in this case?

If you are not the administrator for your organization’s Duo accounts then you should contact the person who is the Duo administrator and ask them to delete the devices from your Duo user.