Reprompted for MFA after selecting app on Duo Central

License: Duo Beyond

I log in with username and push notification to Duo Central.

Then when selecting an app from Duo Central (Salesforce, for example), I am yet again prompted for MFA verification.

This is unexpected. I would prefer that once you authenticate and verify MFA for Duo Central you are good to go.

Hi @Josh_Gold,

It sounds like the Remembered Devices policies for Duo Central and your other applications might not match.

I’d recommend creating a new Custom Policy with the Remembered Devices option selected for After a user has confirmed for any application, their device will be remembered for all applications.

You can then assign this new custom policy to Duo Central and all other applications you’d like to share the “Remember Me” functionality.

When logging in you’ll just need to make sure to select that you want this browser to be remembered.

Hello Jamie,

Creating and applying a remembered devices policy resolved the issue. Thank you for your assistance.