Rename username without ADsync

If a user gets renamed in Active Directory , how will that affect their DUO account? No directory sync enabled.
Will that require a manual change under DUO by the admin? or will the user have to do another self enrollment?

for VPN my ADusername / Passoword sends prompt to phone i dont see any connection to DUO username just the phone number be used.

Hi @tippet5x,
Great question! Thanks for asking it here in the Duo Community. When you rename a user in Active Directory without sync enabled, that user will no longer be able to authenticate with Duo. This is because the username entered at login must match a username in Duo in order to successfully verify their identity and provide a second factor of authentication.

You have two options here: You can either manually update the username in the Duo Admin Panel to match, or you can add the new username as an alias for the user in Duo. Check out our guide to username aliases in Duo if you would like more information about that.