Remove Duo software without access to Windows 10 due to Duo locking

How can I remove Duo software from a Windows 10 computer that is not domain-joined any longer? In our company domain we used to use Duo for MFA. At the time this computer was joined to the domain. That division of our company closed and the computer was removed from the domain. It sat for years, unused. Over time we stopped using Duo for MFA needs. We now have a need to login to the computer. Because our Duo MFA local server is no longer available, we can no longer login to the computer even using the local computer account that was added after the computer was removed from the domain. Duo needs to provide a way to remove the software rather than just bricking the computer unless you want to reinstall Windows. We specifically cannot reinstall Windows because the very reason we need to access this computer now is because it contains one piece of software with one specific file we need to access.

TIA for assistance.

Hi ThreeOneSix,
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Assuming you have physical access to the device, any BIOS password and/or Bitlocker encryption keys as well as valid local user account credentials. Then the Duo protection can be removed by using safe mode as per the article below to help you regain access: