Remote Desktop Connection Manager on server with Duo - "Ordinal not found"

We’re seeing the same issue here on machines running mstsc against Windows 2016 servers.

As the issue has been around for 9 months and several DUO releases, is there a fix in the pipeline ?

Not a good initial customer experience for my staff !

Hello, we are getting this error when attempting to use Virtual Machine Manager attempting to connect to virtual machine’s consoles on other domains.

Just to confirm this is still a problem. I even tried to save the profile over again and it still pops up twice on each connection.

Same issue for us (using ASG 2019 x64) with the latest Duo version (4.0.3).

Any idea when it’s likely to be fixed?

I was doing a Google search cause I was running into the same issue. I’d like to add my two cents that I believe could be useful. I’m noticing a trend that briefly reading through the previous comments I don’t think has been pointed out yet. Maybe just an issue w/ the remote clients that run Windows 10?

  • Same error Ordinal not found.
  • Host is using Windows Server 2016
  • We use Dou to access the host.
  • What I’ve noticed…
    — Is that the clients running Windows 7 Enterprise are not affected by this.
    — However remote clients running Windows 10 Enterprise are affected.

Hope this helps!

Hi, was this ever fixed? running into this with Remote desktop connection manager.

Hey y’all quick update. We’ve identified the issue and a fix will be included in the next release, release date TBD but I’ll post here again with an update as it gets closer to release.

After over a year I resigned myself to this never getting fixed. Glad it finally made it to the release schedule! Thanks for the update.

We had the same issue and we found that by inheriting credentials from parent from the logon credential tab was fixing the issue.
But I must admit that it’s less secure

We’re targeting the end of the quarter to have new release out that will resolve the ordinal issue.

On 2 August DUO was new release and I don’t see any fix for this issue.
PatrickKnight - could you comment this?

Hey y’all, we’ve have an early release available that resolves the “Ordinal not found” issue. For anyone interested in getting access to that before the General Availability release, please send me a message on here and I can get that to you.


I’m interested.



I need a fix for this as well

Hey everyone,

This fix is going live tomorrow, you’ll be able to find it here :// for when it gets released.

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Hi everyone,

Today Microsoft announced the deprecation of Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan) following the discovery of a security vulnerability that will not be fixed in the application. We recommend that you read the announcement here and discontinue use of this tool. You’ll find more info about this on Microsoft’s website.

Thank you.