Remembered Device features

Hi All,

Want to enable feature of Cisco Duo remember device for some users so that they will not be prompt for secondary authentication when they try to access the sites/application.

Basically im having an doubt that "Would i need to restart the auth proxy file after configuring the remember devices and apply on group of users.

Following below link to achieve my goal.

Hi @Vishal ,

Are you asking if a restart of the Authentication Proxy service is required after enabling Remembered Devices? If so, the answer is no since the Policy settings for Remembered Devices is enforced via Duo’s cloud service (where your Policy lives). The Auth Proxy is unaware of and has no bearing on Remembered Devices functionality. Once you make the Policy setting change via your Duo Admin Panel, the setting takes effect the next time a user logs into a protected app that supports “Remember Me” functionality.

Hope this helps!

Hi DuoPablo,

Thanks for replying. So it seems will not required any downtime for doing such changes. Please share your view.

Enabling the Remembered Devices Policy setting does not incur Duo service disruption.